Connecting, facilitating,
catalysing & leveraging the
blockchain ecosystem
in South Africa

SANBA drives blockchain adoption in South Africa. By linking in government, academia, the private sector and civil society, it creates a pre-competitive space for research, development and innovation in blockchain technology. It focuses beyond the traditional fintech and cryptocurrency use cases to tackle many challenges in the country.

SANBA facilitates training, skills development, advocacy and education on “all things blockchain” to its members and to the wider community in South Africa.

SANBA connects members of the blockchain ecosystem to each other and to opportunities such as funding, skills development, bursaries and scholarships, jobs and internships.

SANBA leverages the power of the collective by using the blockchain ecosystem as a lobbying platform to tackle issues blocking blockchain adoption in South Africa.

SANBA is a catalyst for the widespread adoption of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies in South Africa, across the public and private sectors. To do this, SANBA drives proof-of-concept blockchain projects that demonstrate the unique value proposition of the technology.

Project Ilima
June 25, 2021
SANBA is co-funding “ILIMA”, an ambitious application of blockchain in the supply chain management space. ILIMA aims to connect small…

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SANBA Bounty Hunter
June 25, 2021
In support of the overall SANBA initiative, SANBA launches the “Blockchain Challenge Bounty Hunt”. The Bounty Hunt aims to: Link…

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SANBA Who’s Who
June 25, 2021
SANBA launches “Who’s Who” directory of blockchain organisations and players in South Africa.Who's Who members are able to: View other…

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