SANBA Bounty Hunter
June 25, 2021

In support of the overall SANBA initiative, SANBA launches the “Blockchain Challenge Bounty Hunt”. The Bounty Hunt aims to:

  • Link organisations who need help with particular blockchain issue/problems
  • With people who can solve those problems.

The Bounty Hunt is accessible to all SANBA members.

Join up and become a part of the initiative.

SANBA Who’s Who
June 25, 2021

SANBA launches “Who’s Who” directory of blockchain organisations and players in South Africa.
Who’s Who members are able to:

  • View other members by list
  • Search by categories
  • Drill down to member detail
  • Contact members via email
    We look forward to you joining the team.

Project Ilima
June 25, 2021

SANBA is co-funding “ILIMA”, an ambitious application of blockchain in the supply chain management space. ILIMA aims to connect small and emerging farmers and agri-food processors to market opportunities.